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Printable Crowns

For you to decorate with cut-out jewels and wear !


(Above is an example we cut out and pasted jewels onto)

You can make these crowns for a PRINCESS PARTY, a PURIM PARTY or just when you are feeling 'queenly' and want to show it :o)

Print on heavy white card-stock for best results. It is available at all office supply departments.  We made it easy for small children to cut out this crown. You can leave the colored 'fabric' for an easier to cut out crown for smaller fingers, or cut between the points for an elegant look. Each sheet has the crown front and a coordinating strip to go around the head. You can cut notched slits to put the two pieces together or use tape or glue for a sure fit. 

For a Princess Birthday Party or a Purim Party for young people, consider purchasing some glitter pens, plastic jewels, feathers, or anything else that you think would be good crown decorations. 

Our JEWELS sheet has 28 jewels, all designed  to be easy for children to cut out. 


Crowns PDF (7 Designs)


Jewels PDF (1 Page)

Princess party pinata teapot How about a cute pink teapot piñata for the party ? This site specializes in piñatas of all types. They do offer a princess in pink, but we don't think it is a good idea to have little girls beat sticks on a replica of their cute little selves. There is a butterfly too, and they do fly thru the sky, but still, a teapot seems a better choice than a living thing. 
Princess Party Piñatas
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