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Free Printable Mardi Gras Masks


These are ideal MardiGras masks for little fingers to cut out. The shapes are easy to follow, gentle curves.
We are offering them in three sizes so you can print the size that best fits the age group who will be wearing them. 

Kids mardi gras masks to printThese masks also make great classroom decor.
You can print our sheet of cut-out jewels and let everyone decorate a mask for wall groupings, bulletin board decoration or to make a novel greeting card.

Large is approx 7 inches edge to edge 3 inches between center of eyes
Medium is approx. 6 3/4 inches edge to edge  2 3/4 inches from center of  eyes
Small is approx. 5 1/2 inches edge to edge  2 1/4 inches from center of  eyes


Harlequin Mard Gras Masks

Opal Crown Mardi Gras Masks


Tinsel Mardi Gras Masks


Feathered Mardi Gras Masks
green and purple mardi gras mask with feathers




Free cut-out JEWELS to decorate the printable Mardi Gras masks.

Remember, you can print the decorative mask jewels 
smaller than full sized if you want. 


printable mardi gras masks for childrenFor extra strength, put some cellophane tape on the masks edges before you punch a hole for the string or elastic cord. 
silly mardi gras costume maskYou can get elastic cord in the beading dept of arts & crafts stores, W-M , and also in sewing dept's. Also consider using curly shoelaces or cut plastic coil bracelets in place of elastic head-bands. You could also affix to a stretch hair band. 

To order Elastic Cord online from Joann Click Here
To order White Card Stock Paper online Click Here



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